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Mr. Ranjan singh

Anjana Polytechnic Institute has travelled small path since inception in the year 2010 and produced hundred students spread all the country. At present the Institution has 700 students for diploma In the perspective of fast changing economics, the rural areas need to be developed and made self-contained in terms of manpower resource and urban facilities. There is also huge pressure of generating employment in the rural areas. Other perspective is to bridge the gap between technological development and the rural mass in general. Polytechnics, having a beautiful reach and network all over the State can in fact” serve for all these purposes.

Basically, the target of Polytechnic should be to act like a technical guardian of the locality’ where it is situated. It should provide ample training to the groups of job seeking hands in the locality. It should demonstrate and transfer the relevant technology needed in the area. It should promote’ the relevant courses where local mass can find meaningful engagement.. should 3ut at the end of the day, we need the right kind of Human Resource to achieve anything.

Mr. Ranjan singh
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